Comcast to Invest $20 Million to Expand Pittsburgh Ethernet Network

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PITTSBURGH — Comcast Business announced it is investing $20 million in a major expansion of its fiber-based network in downtown Pittsburgh, reaching more than 425 additional businesses directly and benefiting hundreds more by making the network more accessible. Capable of delivering up to 100 Gbps of network capacity, the fiber optic Ethernet network expansion will support advanced services and give Comcast the ability to give new customers, ranging from small and medium-sized organizations to large enterprises, quick access to its network.

While the Comcast Business fiber network already serves many of Pittsburgh's largest companies and hundreds of businesses, this concentrated expansion will deploy more than 64 miles of new fiber optic cable and encompass the entire Golden Triangle. Significant work began about one year ago to provide high-performance Ethernet, Internet and advanced voice solutions to businesses and organizations throughout this downtown area, and additional work will be completed by 4Q 2018.

Providing Scalable Solutions that Meet Growing Business Demands
"This is one of the most significant infrastructure investments Comcast Business has made across the country, and we're proud to bring our best-in-class network deeper into downtown Pittsburgh to help the city and region continue its economic growth," said Paul Merritt, regional vice president for Comcast Business. "As demand for our high-performance Ethernet offerings continues to soar, Comcast Business recognizes the need to respond quickly and provide scalable solutions that can meet demand as businesses grow.

"This proactive investment signals that we are committed to playing a critical role in helping Pittsburgh attract, retain and grow successful businesses. We're not only prepared to continue connecting Pittsburgh but connecting its businesses and institutions to the rest of the region, the nation and the world," Merritt added.

The Keystone Region Comcast Business team last year completed the company's first 100 Gbps network in the Eastern United States, connecting Penn State University's data center with its Milton S. Hershey Medical Center facility. In addition to the higher education facilities, medical industries, law firms and financial services institutions prevalent in Pittsburgh, the steady influx of new technology companies to the city creates a hotbed of economic development requiring access to the advanced communications solutions Comcast Business offers.

About Comcast Business
Comcast Business serves 20 of the nation's top 25 markets and is one of the fastest-growing Ethernet providers in the nation. With a comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet options, Comcast Business serves businesses and organizations with distributed enterprises that require large amounts of bandwidth, are looking to link multiple sites or branch locations or plan to connect their offices to a third-party data center. Nationally, Comcast Business's Ethernet services are delivered over an advanced network that spans more than 153,000 miles.


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