Community Fiber Internet Service Comes to the Northern California Coast

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THE SEA RANCH, CA — GigabitNow, a provider of custom fiber Internet solutions for communities and municipalities nationwide, has commenced construction on the largest community-owned FTTH build in Sonoma County, connecting the underserved residents of the Sea Ranch community to gigabit speeds. Where other telcos and Internet service providers turned the community away citing a lack of growth potential, an isolated development and difficult terrain, GigabitNow has stepped in to provide a fiber network with reliable speeds to every house in the community.

“We chose GigabitNow because they have experience in building and operating community fiber networks, said Frank Bell, Sea Ranch resident and association community manager. "GBN was willing to work with myself, and the Sea Ranch community, every step of the way in this endeavor. I am beyond thrilled to see that fast and reliable fiber Internet will be available to Sea Ranch residents.”

Sea Ranch Telecom Subcommittee
How does a relatively comfortable community of 2,200 homes decide to undertake its own fiber network project? With a remote coastal location, local cable services proved slow and unreliable. A group of residents banded together to form the Sea Ranch Telecom subcommittee, which, after considering multiple solutions, determined that the best option was to develop its own broadband network. GigabitNow was selected to manage the construction and Internet service operations of the community-owned network, Sea Ranch Connect.

GigabitNow is managing the construction and supporting services throughout the fiber network. GigabitNow rescued its first fiber network in Seattle in 2004, the Highlands Fiber Network (HFN), which sates the Internet needs of local tech giant employees’ and homeowners alike across over 4,000 homes and businesses in Issaquah, Washington. GigabitNow expects to launch its active gigabit fiber service in the fall of 2016, adding the northern California community to its family of community fiber networks across the West Coast of the United States.


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