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WAKEFIELD, MA — Comverse, a global provider of cloud-based and in-network services enablement and monetization software solutions for communication service providers and growing enterprises, has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance the way next-generation multi-VAS (mVAS) solutions, including SMS, MMS, voicemail and USSD, are delivered to service providers. With this solution that leverages Comverse's Virtualized mVAS solutions with advanced AWS technologies, service providers can now upgrade and modernize their existing VAS offerings with extreme efficiency while matching the security and latency aspects previously only available through in-network deployments.

Benefits of the Comverse solution on AWS include:

  • Improved Time to Market: Service launches can now be implemented in a matter of weeks, instead of the more time-intensive traditional methods.

  • Financial Flexibility: By engaging in an OPEX-only model, service providers can free up valuable CAPEX dollars to invest in additional growth areas, improving total cost of ownership.

  • Elasticity: Through a hybrid structure that uses a combination of serviceprovider cloud and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, customers can design their systems for the "average case" and let AWS handle elasticity indemand - freeing service providers from the cost and burden of designing for the peak.

  • Innovative Approach: Telecom core services like SMS and MMS require innovative new approaches and Comverse is leading this effort to help service providers leverage the best in the industry.

"Comverse is committed to offering choice and agility to our customers," said Adolfo Masini, senior vice president, managing director for digital services at Comverse. "Building our solution on Amazon Web Services enables us to offer a full spectrum of solutions to service providers, tailored to the way they want to engage. Comverse can provide in-network/turnkey solutions like we've historically delivered and maintained with high reliability. We can also deliver a software-only solution fine-tuned to our customer's private cloud environment — something we've been doing for some time and for which we're seeing growing demand. Finally, we can deliver the entire mVAS bundle with a rapid time-to-market on a price per month basis that offers service providers the utmost in financial flexibility. No matter what our customers prefer, we have an mVAS deployment model that's right for their specific needs."



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