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SAN ANTONIO, TX – Connected Nation announced that it has launched “Edified,” a new program dedicated to foster innovation in education, have a measurable impact on creating efficiencies in solving the connectivity challenge, and drive a more effective learning environment for students. Edified will work with partners comprised of technology companies, education research organizations, broadband providers, and distinguished educators to accelerate the deployment of the latest mobile technology, robust wireless connectivity, education apps, and twenty-first century teaching practice in America’s K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Building upon Connected Nation’s reputation for driving technology adoption and broadband expansion across America, Edified will provide economical services to K-12 school districts, postsecondary institutions, and education technology companies to ensure that more students have access to anytime, anywhere learning. On school campuses, Edified will provide on-site logistics and coordination services for one-to-one tablet deployments, professional development event facilitation and training to ensure that teachers understand how to use technology, and campus IT infrastructure technical assessments. For education technology companies, Edified will facilitate product trials and school pilot projects for new, cutting-edge education technologies and applications.

The most recent example is a project Connected Nation announced yesterday which was facilitated in collaboration with AT&T, Edmodo, Kno, and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) to pilot a new K-12 mobile learning model that combines mobile devices, connectivity, and educational content with the ambition to make “anywhere education” easier than ever.

GameDesk Partnership Seeks to Close Achievement Gap

Additionally, Edified will serve as the home for Connected Nation’s newest partnership with fellow non-profit GameDesk, a Los Angeles-based research, game development, and outreach organization that has evolved out of seven years of research at the University of Southern California. Recently named by Fast Company magazine as one of the World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education, GameDesk’s focus is to help close the achievement gap and to engage students, particularly those who are low-proficient in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning. Connected Nation and GameDesk are already aggressively working to build a national project that will help bring its innovative approach to STEM education to schools across the country.

Edified Center for Connected Campuses
Edified will also advance Connected Nation’s partnership with Centre College, a top ranked liberal arts college located in Danville, Kentucky, and host of the 2000 and 2012 vice presidential debates, to launch the Edified Center for Connected Campuses (EC3). EC3 will serve as a laboratory for exploring innovative and practical ways to use technology in the liberal arts college setting. EC3 will explore innovations in classroom technology, tablet integration, lighting, furniture design, high-definition video conferencing, audio integration, device management, and a myriad of software/apps — all while keeping in mind the importance of ease of use. EC3 will also explore how the rise of Massive Online Open Courses may impact liberal arts colleges where personalized learning and close student-faculty relationships remain an integral part of the educational experience.

“This partnership represents a broader initiative at Centre College to embrace technology,” said Centre President John A. Roush. “EC3 will provide the opportunity to imagine and then engage technology in a way that allows Centre not only to carry forward its mission as a place of personal education, where great teaching is prized, but also remain open to exploring how technology can complement and expand opportunity for our students, as well as other students across the country and around the globe."


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