Connected Nation’s Tech Investment Increases Access to Broadband Resources

The nonprofit’s redesigned website provides tools, tips, and information in a user-friendly format.

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Connected Nation, in partnership with Hatfield Media, announced the unveiling of an enhanced, user-focused, and streamlined website. These changes are designed to improve access to and understanding of the services, programs, and resources that the national nonprofit offers to individuals, communities, and states regarding broadband and its related technologies.

"Being an innovative, impactful nonprofit also means being willing to examine what our team can do better to serve those we seek to help," said Tom Ferree, chairman & CEO. "Our mission to close the digital divide is vast. It touches everything from telework, to telehealth, to community and statewide broadband planning. For that reason, we need to find ways to be accessible to people from all walks of life, including decision makers at the community, state, and federal level. To that end, we have been working behind the scenes for nearly nine months to create a more accessible and user-friendly website, and we are excited to finally be able to share that with the world."

Over the past nine months, staff with Connected Nation and Hatfield Media have collaborated to develop the new website — the latter providing guidance on best practices for desktop and mobile use, including design, SEO, and backend needs, while Connected Nation's team worked on creating improved, streamlined content and resources.

"Internet connectivity is an essential service," said Drake Hatfield, president & CEO, Hatfield Media. "Connected Nation's mission is to help families and individuals attain access to high-speed internet and help them understand how it can be leveraged to improve their lives. For that reason, we are honored to be involved in this endeavor with a national nonprofit that's having such a positive impact in communities across the United States.'

On the new website,, visitors will find a wide range of services, programs, and resources that can be leveraged by individuals and communities, including the following:

  • Details on the scope of the digital divide in America on the home page
  • The IXP project, which helps rural and small towns improve internet access
  • Local and regional broadband planning with the Connected program
  • Education initiatives such as Teens Teach Tech and Connect K-12
  • Free, grant-funded Digital Literacy & Learning workshops
  • Resources for low-income families and individuals, and tips for improving internet access and speeds

As Connected Nation receives feedback on the new site, the nonprofit will continue to evolve its content and functionality to better meet the needs of families, businesses, farmers, and communities — both urban and rural — across the United States.


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