Consolidated Communications Builds FTTp Network, Launches TV Service in Ghent, NY

  • Consolidated Communications (CCI)

GHENT, NY — Consolidated Communications, a communications provider serving consumers, businesses, and wireless and wireline carriers across rural and metro communities and a 23-state service area, announced the completion of a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband network and the launch of TV service in Ghent, New York, located in Columbia County, southeastern New York. 

“Our 1 Gig fiber network is primed and ready to deliver an incredible TV experience to our customers – one that has the potential to not only transform the quality of their lives, but enhance its enjoyment through expanded programming delivered on superior broadband technology than what’s available in the region today,” said Rob Koester, vice president of consumer product management at Consolidated Communications.”

Fiber Internet services offer significantly faster, highly reliable, broadband connectivity that gives customers symmetrical speeds and the ability to connect multiple devices without sacrificing speed. Fiber also supports gaming and uploading photos with virtually no buffering or waiting. It also allows people to work from home using a reliable connection that supports remote access and video conferencing, to create and upload high-bandwidth content and to take advantage of smart-home devices.


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