Consolidated Communications Launches 1 Gig Internet in Westfield, NY Service Area


  • Consolidated Communications (CCI)

WESTFIELD, NYConsolidated Communications  launched 1 Gbps broadband services within its Westfield, NY, service area over a new fiber–to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, which significantly increases broadband speeds and on-demand capabilities for residents and businesses.


“Residents and businesses in our Westfield, New York, service area now can benefit from a faster, highly reliable Internet experience due to our 1 Gig broadband service,” said Rob Koester, vice president of consumer product management at Consolidated Communications. “We are open for orders and excited to provide Westfield-area communities with enhanced services that have the potential to significantly improve the lives of our customers there.”


“We congratulate Consolidated Communications on its launch of fiber-to-the-home broadband service in partnership with the Broadband Program Office,” said Jeffrey Nordhaus, Empire State Development executive vice president of Innovation and Broadband. “Broadband is a necessity for all communities in today’s economy and this launch will further assist thousands of businesses and residents throughout the state.”


New NY Broadband Program Grant

Consolidated’s deployment of faster broadband services in New York is supported by a grant from the  New NY Broadband Program, a public-private partnership designed to provide incentives to service providers to deploy last-mile broadband connectivity in underserved and unserved areas. Through grant support from the Program and its own capital investment, Consolidated has extended fiber-based broadband service to more than 10,000 business and residential locations across its awarded projects, along with an additional 5,000 locations outside the Program. In total, more than 30 communities have received new broadband access.


Specifically, this project extends fiber-based broadband services to more than 2,300 businesses and residents in more than 12 communities in the Westfield, N.Y., area. Installation dates are available now for Brocton, Clymer, Dewittville, Findley Lake, Mayville, Panama, Portland, Ripley, South Ripley, Sherman, Stockton, and Westfield. Customers in these towns now have access to the latest, on-demand streaming content, including: HBO Now, DIRECTV Now, fuboTV and Philo and can use the company’s center to place new orders and upgrade services online.


About the New NY Broadband Program

Recognizing the importance of broadband infrastructure and building on prior State investments in broadband deployment, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo in 2015, with legislative support, established the $500 million New NY Broadband Program. The Program provides New York State grant funding to support projects that deliver high-speed Internet access to unserved and underserved areas of the State, with priority to unserved areas, Libraries, and Educational Opportunity Centers.




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