Consolidated Communications Launches 1 Gig Internet Speeds in California

  • Consolidated Communications (CCI)
MATTOON, IL — Consolidated Communications (CCI), which provides business and broadband communications services across an 11-state service area, announced 1 Gig Internet speeds are now available in select areas in its California service territory. Consolidated Communications has expanded 1 Gig availability to 16,000 fiber-to-the-home customers in the Roseville, Calif. area. The 1 Gig package is available to new and existing customers for $69.95 per month.

“Our customer’s expectation for instant access to online content, such as videos, music and games, and the desire to power an increasing number of devices in the home continues to grow,” said Rob Koester, vice president of consumer products for Consolidated Communications. “We’re thrilled to be able to meet these demands as we invest in tour network and bring gigabit speeds to more homes across the region. We’re starting with 16,000 homes in Roseville and will add new areas as regional facilities are upgraded.”

CCI’s 1 Gig service, which is equivalent to 1,000 Mbps, is among the fastest connections available to residential customers across the nation. Customers with a 1 Gig connection can expect to:

  • Use multiple devices at once without sacrificing speed

  • Stream movies, download videos and upload photos with virtually no buffering or waiting

  • Experience online gaming with a fast, stable connectionWork from home with a reliable connection that supports VPN access and video conferencing

  • Connect to blazing fast wireless speeds and expanded in-home coverage with the provided 1-Gig compatible router

“Being the first city in California where CCI deploys this speed of Internet connection is a strategic advantage for our city,” said Roseville Mayor Carol Garcia. “Roseville’s been recognized by the Center for Digital Government as one of the top digital cities in the nation. We were also named one of the top ten cities in California for young families, who appreciate the power of fast Internet connections, so we appreciate this significant enhancement to our technology infrastructure.”

CCI previously launched 1 Gig Internet Speeds in Kansas City, Kan., in 2014, followed by its Houston, Texas, market in 2015. Prior to this launch, CCI offered high-speed Internet up to 100 MB over its fiber-to-the home network.


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