Consolidated Communications Offers CCiTV to Businesses in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont

  • Consolidated Communications (CCI)

PORTLAND, ME — Consolidated Communications, a broadband and business communications provider, announced the expansion of CCiTV to small and medium sized businesses throughout Northern New England.


CCiTV is flexible, easy-to-use and delivers an all HD channel lineup that gives businesses the edge in creating a more comfortable customer experience. Business owners have a choice of CCiTV packages, including regional and national sports options, and can save on equipment costs by using their own streaming device, such as Amazon Fire or Apple TV.


Adding an Entertainment Experience to Waiting Rooms, Dining Rooms and Lobbies


Businesses can deliver higher customer value by adding CCiTV in waiting rooms, lobbies, dining rooms and more. CCiTV is a robust, cloud-enabled TV experience, that is simple and easy to self-install, with an all-in pricing model. CCiTV creates the entertainment experience SMBs need to retain and attract customers.


“We’re excited to deliver a high value, one-of-a-kind TV experience to businesses throughout Northern New England,” said Rob Koester, senior vice president of consumer product management at Consolidated Communications. “Small and medium size businesses are the backbone of the region, and CCITV helps create a more memorable experience and welcoming environment for their customers.”


CCiTV is already available for residents throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. CCiTV delivers content from popular network groups, such as A+E, Crown Media Family, Disney and ESPN Media, FOX, HBO, Turner, Viacom, local broadcast channels, regional sports networks and others.




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