Consolidated Turns Up Fiber Networks Up in Three N.H. Towns

Several fiber expansion projects underway in rural communities across Consolidated Communications’ service area.

  • Consolidated Communications (CCI)

Manchester, N.H. – Consolidated Communications completed the construction of high-speed, fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) Internet networks in the New Hampshire towns of Dublin, Rindge and Westmoreland. Upon the completion of two additional networks in Walpole and Harrisville, over 8,000 new Cheshire County locations will be connected to faster, highly reliable, broadband services, including symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gbps.

The new fiber services and connection can support remote access and video conferencing for telecommuters and remote learners; allow the creation and uploading of high-bandwidth content; and enable easy use of smart-home devices. Consumers can also sign up for video content available through one of Consolidated’s streaming partners with the flexibility to watch their favorite programs on any device.

"Consolidated continues to prove they’re the reliable community partner they promised to become,” said John Snowdon, former chairman of the Westmoreland Broadband Advisory Committee. “Our residents are elated to finally be able to confidently work from home, run a business, take part in remote schooling and enjoy the quality of life that comes with a reliable, high-speed fiber network. The benefits we will receive from this partnership are only just beginning and, once again, our voters made the right choice.”

The projects, which totaled nearly $13 million and included a $4 million investment from Consolidated, were built with no associated property tax increases as the towns issued bonds for their broadband infrastructure.

“These fiber network partnerships ensure rural towns have the broadband access their residents and small businesses need to work, learn and live without increasing taxes,” said Rob Koester, senior vice president, consumer product management at Consolidated Communications. “Our commitment to work with cities and towns across the region will continue to grow as we connect more people and create numerous, lasting economic development, e-commerce and quality-of-life benefits and opportunities.”

Consolidated Communications is actively working to expand rural broadband and has a strong track record of partnering with public and private entities to deliver enhanced and increased broadband service.

These are just two towns in NH where Consolidated is rolling out FTTH. Recently, the company partnered with the state of New Hampshire and the towns of Danbury, Springfield, Mason and Errol to expand and enhance broadband to more than 2,000 residents and businesses.

But NH is just one area where Consolidated is targeting FTTH builds. In December 2020, Consolidated announced plans to upgrade of 1.6 million locations to symmetrical, multi Gbps speeds over a five-year period, including over 1 million locations in Northern New England.

Consolidated also secured $58.9 million in funding from the FCC’s RDOF program over 10 years across 246 census block groups located in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Illinois, Texas, Florida and Minnesota. The telco will pass 200,000 locations as it builds to 27,000 required RDOF locations over a five-year period.


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