Consolidated Communications Delivers Fiber Internet to Conroe, Katy and Lufkin, Texas

Telco brings FTTP service to 18,000 homes and small businesses.

  • Consolidated Communications


CONROE, Texas--Consolidated Communications is giving 18,000 residents and small businesses in 18,000 new Conroe, Katy and Lufkin, Texas the ability to get 1 Gbps fiber broadband services. 

With its new fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) internet networks, Consolidated offers symmetrical 1 Gbps service is available for $70 per month, including equipment and installation costs, and all residential plans feature a one-year price lock with no contract required.

Consumers can add streaming content available through one of Consolidated’s featured partners with the flexibility to watch their favorite programs on any device. Recognizing customers’ need to use their data to access critical services, Consolidated never imposes a data cap, throttles speeds or charges extra for heavy data users.

The company’s investment in Texas is part of an ongoing expansion of Consolidated’s FTTP network and will enable faster, highly reliable, multi-gig speeds to more than 35,000 Texas residences and small businesses by the end of 2021.

When the five-year fiber expansion project is completed, more than 80% of the company’s Texas locations will be fiber capable. Hundreds of thousands of Texans will benefit from faster download and upload speeds empowering them to work and learn from home, video chat without freezing, and download high-definition video with multiple connected devices simultaneously. Local businesses will also benefit from fiber speeds and reliability for online retail, point of sale and inventory as well as for a number of voice and cloud communication solutions offered by Consolidated.

“Before we moved our fiber internet services to Consolidated Communications, our systems and databases ran at much slower speeds and we were inconsistent in getting resources to our customers,” said Matthew Ferraro, president and CEO of the Katy Chamber of Commerce. “Now, with a strong, stable internet connection, we can more efficiently serve our customers and quickly respond to their requests. And, if we have questions or other account needs, the Consolidated team is helpful and makes it easy for us.”

In July, Consolidated announced delivery of new high-speed fiber internet services to 122,000 homes and small businesses in the first half of 2021, setting the company well on its way to completing 300,000 gigabit speed fiber connections by the end of the year. Network builds are also underway in California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Vermont.


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