Consumers Want 3-D TV, But Not if They Have to Pay

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Consumers are interested in receiving 3-D TV in the home, according to a recent In-Stat survey. Movie buffs, such as those who have seen three or more 3-D movies in the theater or those who own Blu-ray players, are even more interested than the typical consumer.

instat0909But unfortunately for consumer electronics manufacturers, about 25 percent of those who are at least somewhat interested in viewing 3-D content at home are unwilling to spend extra on a 3-D TV. Another 43 percent want to spend $200 or less on the new TV. The situation is similar with Blu-ray players in that 31 percent of respondents who were at least somewhat interested did not want to spend more for a 3-D Blu-ray player. Another 33 percent want to spend less than $50 extra for a 3-D Blu-ray player over a 2-D player. In-Stat expects the price differentials for 3-D products to be higher than these amounts at product introduction, so few consumers are likely to buy 3-D equipment until prices decline.

There's good news for the movie studios, though: 67 percent of respondents at least somewhat interested in 3-D at home are willing to pay more for a 3-D version of a Blu-ray disc. Most of them want to pay less than a $5 premium.


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