Conterra Networks Expands Service to Las Cruces, NM



  • Conterra Networks

CHARLOTTE, NC — Conterra Networks, a provider of fiber-optic network services, announced it has made significant investments to expand its network to serve enterprise and wholesale customers in the Las Cruces area.

The network expansion is driven by a combination of large multi-year contract awards, a market need for better local broadband connectivity options, and Conterra's strategic infrastructure development plans to increase the scope and density of its network. In total, the capital invested represents over 100 miles of fiber in New Mexico, and more than 8,200 fiber-strand miles. The company will be opening a new local sales and operations office to leverage its local network to serve the area.

For over five years Conterra has steadily invested in and operated its fiber-optic network in El Paso. The total capital invested to date exceeds $35 million. The company now boasts 420 miles of fiber (comprised of over 60,000 fiber-strand miles) serving the El Paso, Las Cruces and neighboring areas, all supporting the ongoing sale and delivery of advanced data, Internet and voice services to the growing market.


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