Convergenze Selects Zhone for Residential Fiber Services in Southern Italy

  • Convergenze S.p.A.
  • Zhone Technologies
OAKLAND, CA — Convergenze S.p.A., a telecommunications company based in Southern Italy, is utilizing Zhone Technologies' MXK hardware to deploy ConFibra, the first FTTH solution available in the region of Campania. Convergenze has completed the deployment of Zhone's MXK Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) fiber access technology in the city of Capaccio-Paestum. This FTTH application allows residents to have access to reliable triple-play services, including voice, video and Wi-Fi. By utilizing Zhone's market-leading hardware, Convergenze has increased network bandwidth and reach, while lowering service delivery costs and providing advanced services to its customers.

"We have transformed our business model by replacing leased copper lines with highly secure and space-saving fiber lines that can deliver voice, video and WiFi services," said Rosario Pingaro, CEO, Convergenze S.p.A. "Zhone's GPON solution and MXK hardware helped ease that transition so we can provide reliable service to customers. We look forward to expanding this service to all 15,000 of our customers in Southern Italy."

Leaping from DSL to Fiber
Convergenze, a Zhone customer since 2009, began deploying fiber-based services in January 2015 after realizing DSL technology was diminishing, and there was a customer demand for increased connection speed and bandwidth. The FTTH application is the definitive solution to this problem, as it provides unlimited transmission capacity at the highest possible speed.

ConFibra is the latest service provided by Convergenze. Zhone's MXK-819 OLT serves as the backbone for the network, while the company's 2400 series ONTs are installed at residents' homes enabling customers to access the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps. Convergenze customers can simultaneously:

  • Send and receive music, video and high-definition movies in a very short time

  • Watch videos on demand and play online games

  • Make calls and video calls at low prices throughout Italy and the rest of the world

  • Work from home as easily as in the office


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