Coretrust Capital Partners and Connectivity Wireless Create Smart Building in Los Angeles

  • Connectivity Wireless Solutions

LOS ANGELES, CA — Coretrust Capital Partners is partnering with Connectivity Wireless Solutions, a provider of wireless solutions to enterprise and wireless service provider customers throughout the U.S., to transform its downtown Los Angeles tower, FourFortyFour South Flower, into a smart building with state-of-the-art 5G technology that gives tenants and guests the fastest possible internet speeds and complete cellular coverage.

“Encircling the building like a string of pearls, the new technology ensures uninterrupted cell calls throughout the building from the underground parking garage to our outdoor plazas, restaurants and stores, even the elevators,” said Thomas Ricci, Coretrust Managing Principal. “Furthermore, the internet speeds are lightning fast and can carry any size document, video or portfolio that tenants may need to send or receive. Even large-scale architectural drawings can be sent in seconds.”

Enhances Cell Phone Calls, Regardless of Carrier Network

The DAS (distributed antenna system) comprises 317 multi-band antennas and 20 software defined remotes for fiber optic connectivity to cover the 1,244,925 million square feet of the 48-story tower. The technology enhances all cell phone calls, regardless of the carrier network, and is not affected by volume nor dependent on nearby cell towers. Major carriers are online as Connectivity continues to actively pursue additional carriers.

“Downtown Los Angeles tenants from law firms to technology creators deserve the fastest and most reliable cellular and internet coverage available,” notes Ricci. “We are pleased to partner with Connectivity Wireless, the top firm in this critical field, to make our building totally connected in this Internet of Things generation.”

Enables Workspace and Wellness-based Innovations

Coretrust has been cited by Fast Company magazine for its compelling workspace and wellness-based innovations at FourFortyFour. These include a fresh air terrace hacked from the building’s curtain wall, aromatherapy, pioneering soundscapes, a world class art collection, atriums and plazas, restaurants and fitness center. A 12,000 square foot, state-of-the-art conference center that features the new smart building technology opens next month.

“Coretrust is forward thinking in its approach to tenant services and deploying this new technology puts Fourfortyfour at the forefront of the trend to smart buildings,” said Thom Antonopoulos, chief revenue officer at Connectivity Wireless Solutions. He points out that studies show early adopters of technology benefit the most from it. “This system is definitely a competitive edge for the property,” he emphasized.

Coretrust Capital Partners is completing a $35 million renovation at FourFortyFour South Flower that it purchased in December 2016. 



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