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HICKORY, NC - Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning's telecommunications segment, introduced the OptiSheath MF2 and MF4 multiport fiber terminal solutions for remote radio connectivity in fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) applications. The new solutions include terminals with two optical fibers per port (MF2) or four optical fibers per port (MF4) and remote radio cable assemblies (RRCAs). The fiber optic cable assemblies create the fiber optic link between the remote radio unit and a tower-top consolidation terminal.

Designed and third-party tested to the requirements of Telcordia GR-771-CORE, Issue 1, these terminals are available with two, three, four, six or 12 OptiTip Multifiber Connector ports. The OptiTip Connector features the MT connector ferrule in an environmentally hardened connector body, providing quick and easy connectivity for either tower or rooftop installations.

OptiSheath MF2 or MF4 MultiPort Terminals are also available with or without an integrated cable stub for connection of a custom cable assembly. The integrated cable stub is available in a range of cable lengths with both flat and round cable designs. The stub can be ordered with a bare end for splicing or preterminated for plug-in connections. Non-stubbed terminals are used with a cable assembly with one multifiber connector (the OptiTip Vertical Cable Assembly) as an input from the tower base station. Multifiber connector ports support a variety of network designs, and spare ports allow for growth and deferment, reducing opex. The terminal’s versatility simplifies inventory and installation techniques, and allows for quicker, easier deployments.

Preconnectorized solutions are beneficial in the tower-top environment for their high quality and rapid installation without the need for highly specialized tools. When a tower-top consolidation terminal is used, the RRCA creates a short link to each remote radio that can be easily placed and connected. The assemblies are made with lightweight, low-profile cables and offer a range of single- and multifiber connector options.

Remote Distribution Terminal Introduced
In another announcement, Corning Cable Systems introduced the Sealed Remote Radio Distribution Terminal (SRRDT) for tower and rooftop wireless applications. The rugged IP68-rated housing keeps out moisture and dust, combines electrical and optical management into a single housing and reduces installation time.

The SRRDT can be configured for optical-only applications, optical and surge protection, or with an optical and electrical connection. LC duplex connectors inside the housing provide optical connectivity between vertical cable assemblies and remote radio fiber optic cable assemblies (RRCA). The SRRDT has a 36-fiber capacity, enough to provide up to 18 radios two fibers each for optical support.


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