COS Service Zones Guides Spiral Internet as it Connects Nevada County, CA

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NEVADA CITY, CA — Spiral Internet, a local ISP, has traditionally delivered mainly DSL over AT&T’s network, but that is about to change. Funding has been granted for a fiber deployment in Nevada County, California, with the initial phase of the build-out planned for the summer of 2017.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to get the final preparations done for our soon-to-be gigabit fiber optic network deployment,” says Spiral Internet CEO John Paul. “The start of this incredible journey was the work on the city’s application for Google Fiber that I led back in 2010. We understood we probably wouldn’t be chosen, but it was amazing to see how many people were willing to engage in the project and it proved to us that better internet is badly needed in our home county. It is this enthusiasm for better connections that has given us at Spiral the energy to pursue our dream to connect the county with fiber throughout these years.”

Aggregating Demand with COS Service Zones
Getting early signups was key to a cost-effective build-out. “When getting closer to deployment and investments in construction work and equipment, it becomes more important than ever to make sure we spend our dollars in the best possible way," says John Paul. "Late 2016 we signed an agreement with COS Systems to use their demand aggregation platform COS Service Zones to start taking signups in predefined neighborhoods with take-rate targets to be reached. We launched the platform on January 1st and have since then seen demand grow as people take the built-in survey in areas for future expansions and signup doing a credit card deposit in our first phase area. Our best neighborhood already has 83 percent of the residents pre-signed up with deposits, which is fantastic! We know it won’t be a bad investment building there.”

COS also found the project satisfying. “Spiral Internet is a great company to work with. They have planned this Fiber build-out thoroughly and have rallied their community in a fantastic way. We are grateful to be part of the journey and contribute as we can with our demand aggregation platform COS Service Zones. Now we are eager to hear from Spiral what their subscribers say when they get to try a gig connection, perhaps for the very first time,” says COS Systems CMO Isak Finer.


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