Covage Selects Calix E7-2 for France’s Ultra High-Speed Broadband Initiative

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AMSTERDAM – French infrastructure provider Covage has selected Calix E7-2 modular Ethernet Service Access Platform (ESAP) for its fiber access deployments as part of the French government initiative for Ultra High Speed Broadband. Covage will leverage GPON technology across the E7-2 and both Calix P-Series and T-Series service gateways at the premises to provide advanced broadband services capable of speeds up to 1 Gbps at regional projects throughout France.

The THD broadband initiative is charged with delivering very high speed broadband services throughout France within the next 10 years. Covage has been entrusted with 19 THD projects, and is working with local authorities to prepare the digital development of their regions. To support the delivery of these projects, Covage has selected the E7-2 for its small form factor and modularity that is optimal for advanced broadband service delivery to both mid- and low-density communities.

Complementing Triple-play Services with Video Surveillance and Telemedicine
Four French regions are already benefiting from the ability of the E7-2 to deliver a wide range of advanced services over open access fiber networks with broadband speeds from 100 Mbps up to 1 Gbps. The E7-2 has been tested to allow the delivery of multiple services simultaneously to a single end user across open access networks, allowing advanced services such as video surveillance or telemedicine to complement triple-play services from different operators.

Covage is a wholesale network infrastructure provider that specializes in the design, construction, technical operation, and marketing of high speed broadband networks. The company is building a number of networks on behalf of regions and cities throughout France, with a focus on regional FTTH deployments and sells the capacity on these networks to many global and regional Internet service providers (ISPs).


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