Cox Launches G1GABLAST Internet Service in Tucson

  • Cox Communications
TUCSON, AZ — Cox Communications is introducing its super-fast gigabit Internet service for residential customers in Tucson, starting at The Place @ Presidio Trails. Marketed under the brand name G1GABLASTSM, Cox will offer speeds 100 times faster than the average speed in the U.S. today.

"Cox has consistently and aggressively increased its investment in its broadband network in Tucson, particularly in our downtown. Cox's ongoing support of nonprofits and education in our community has established the company as a full partner in Tucson's rising success. I applaud their continued commitment to our community by expanding gigabit services to our Tucson residents," said Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

Expanding G1GABLAST in Arizona

Cox will begin rolling out G1GABLAST to new residential developments in Tucson as an expansion of gigabit speeds in Arizona. The company has already launched G1GABLAST service in 10 states and will have gigabit speeds in all of its markets by the end of 2016.

Tucson-area educational institutions, hospitals, research facilities and other businesses have had access to multi-gig speeds since 2011 and now residential customers will experience this technology.

G1GABLAST will be available in the Tucson area for $99.99 per month when combined with Cox's most popular service bundles. The service offers speeds as fast as 1,000 Mbps. It will deliver more speed, a powerful home network and rich broadband-enabled services to customers. The service also includes the latest high-speed Wi-Fi router, one terabyte of cloud storage, Cox Security Suite and Family Protection, and 10 email boxes each with 15 gigabytes of storage.


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