Cox Partners with First Place Arizona for Gigabit Services

  • Cox Communications
PHOENIX, AR — Cox Communications has partnered with the future First Place, a new residential property serving adults with autism and other special abilities. The five-year partnership, valued at $235,000, makes Cox the exclusive Internet provider of gigabit services and telecommunications technology at First Place, which will be located in downtown Phoenix and is estimated to welcome residents in early 2018.

"Cox is thrilled to be able to power the technology needs of First Place residents, ensuring they are equipped with the communication services necessary to lead independent, enriched lives," said Susan Anable, southwest vice president of public affairs at Cox. "Having reliable gigabit speeds will allow residents to remotely meet with health care providers, participate in online education and start businesses, all while having valuable connections with family and friends."

Cox Technology Center
The partnership includes a $175,000 cash contribution to install needed technology and, in addition, gigabit service and the creation of the Cox Technology Center, a creative space featuring the latest computing/printing technologies that assist residents and students in their entrepreneurial endeavors, education, health care and everyday lives.

Cox Communications' contributions are enabling technology that promotes the daily practice of more independent living skills for residents and students; helps facilitate transitions when some move to their next places; provides daily support through communications with family, friends and staff; serves as a critical component for the onsite telehealth program; and connects the First Place Leadership Institute with collaborators across North America.

First Place will provide 54 studio, one- and two-bedroom First Place apartments for lease by residents, supported by a suite of independent living services and amenities. The two-year, tuition-based First Place Transition Academy will be operated by SARRC, and will serve 32 students annually who are transitioning to more independent living.


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