Crosslake Fiber Chooses Hexatronic for its CrossChannel submarine cable project  

CrossChannel is an unrepeated fiber-optic submarine cable system across the English Channel linking Slough, UK, and Paris, France, by dark fiber.

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LONDON and PARIS and TORONTO - Crosslake Fiber has selected Swedish company Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB to supply the high-density optical fiber submarine cable for its new submarine cable project developed on the other side of the Channel. 

Crosslake Fiber's CrossChannel project is an unrepeated fiber-optic submarine cable system across the English Channel that will link Slough, UK, and Paris France, by dark fiber. “We are delighted to offer much needed new connectivity across the Channel as part of this landmark project to connect data centers in Slough, UK, and Paris, France,” says Mike Cunningham , Managing Director of Crosslake Fiber. “Hexatronic's 96-pair double-shielded cable offers us an optimal solution for a high-performance cable. "

“We are very happy to support Crosslake Fiber, a regular customer, in its innovative construction across the Channel,” said Henrik Larsson Lyon, CEO of the Hexatronic group. “Hexatronic has a wide range of submarine cables and this agreement with Crosslake once again demonstrates our ability to provide cost-effective and market-leading solutions,” adds Lyon.

“This new fiber optic infrastructure has been optimized to create the shortest path between the two data centers, providing users with an improved technical solution and significantly reducing operating costs. With the continued increase in demand for bandwidth further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, submarine cables have never been more essential to the functioning of the Internet backbone,”says Cunningham.


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