CTI Partnering with Kronback for CATV Management Systems

  • Cable Technologies International
  • Kronback Tracers
HATBORO, PA - Cable Technologies International (CTI), a supplier of equipment for cable industry, announced that it is partnering with Kronback Tracers of Ballerup, Denmark, to manufacture measurement and management systems for the CATV industry.

Kronback Tracers, manufacturer of the B-16 Return Path Noise Monitoring system, helps companies worldwide monitor ingress noise, distortion, and cross modulation of their HFC networks. Kronback will soon be launching an updated version, the X-16, with additional features including DOCSIS burst constellation display and MAC detection. A field version of the X16, the P4i, will work with the X16 to provide full HFC net overview. CTI is currently marketing Kronback’s in the field handheld Signal Generator, the P4+, which MSOs can use with their current noise monitoring system testing return paths for a clear cable signal.

CTI will be the exclusive North American marketing and sales force for the Kronback X-16 noise monitoring system.


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