Culver City, CA Engages Magellan Advisors for Broadband Consulting

  • Magellan Advisors
DENVER, CO — The city of Culver City, California has engaged Magellan Advisors, a broadband and smart city consulting firm, to assist the city in its broadband policy development and strategic planning related to its municipal fiber network. Magellan’s California team of senior consultants are leading the efforts to assist the city in these activities.

Culver City’s leadership understands the importance of high-speed broadband connectivity throughout their city for increased efficiency for the municipality, businesses and everyday life for their residents. Magellan’s senior leadership will work with the city to develop best practices and policy surrounding broadband, leasing of poles and dark fiber assets, and implementation of smart city initiatives. Magellan and Culver City will also work to collaborate with broadband providers who are developing wired and wireless infrastructure throughout the city.

Through this engagement, Magellan’s work will position Culver City for the implementation of emerging technologies such as 5G wireless, leading-edge smart city applications, and enhanced broadband capabilities throughout the city. Magellan’s staff will be working with city leadership, and its partners to make Culver City a leader in broadband in California and the U.S.


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