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PETALUMA, CA — Dakota Central Telecommunications (Dakota Central) has realized new levels of marketing success by utilizing Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC) to distribute real-time subscriber behavioral insights to its entire marketing team. Dakota Central was one of the first telecommunications cooperatives to deploy fiber and offer broadband services in North Dakota. Dakota Central completed its fiber build in 2012 and has leveraged the Calix E7-2 Intelligent Modular Systems and GigaCenters to deliver a complete range of broadband services. They are now maximizing the return on these investments by using CMC to help craft targeted marketing campaigns that promote their services and increase their ARPU.

Prior to the deployment of CMC, Dakota Central took an inclusive approach to marketing campaigns, often promoting the same offer to all subscribers. These campaigns did not differentiate based on specific subscriber need or behavior. Dakota Central’s marketing and customer support teams now have:

  • Real-time data that helps them tailor interactions with subscribers.

  • New retention tools and behavioral data (e.g., gaming, streaming video consumptions) that help them identify subscribers who might benefit from higher bandwidth service.

  • Network and device performance insights that help them target subscribers who are likely to benefit from new services, such as managed Wi-Fi and whole home Wi-Fi.

“At Dakota Central, we take great pride in our reputation as the trusted advisor to our subscribers and Calix Marketing Cloud has enabled us to strengthen that reputation,” said Holly Utke, Chief Financial Officer at Dakota Central. “By understanding exactly which subscribers are suffering from a poor broadband or Wi-Fi experience, our teams are now in the ideal position to fix issues through a proactive support experience. In many cases, we can offer a service tier upgrade before they report an issue. The goodwill and insights generated through these campaigns have enabled us to position our Managed Wi-Fi service with high potential subscribers. These insights have helped us create new revenue streams, optimize our subscribers’ experiences, and position us as their trusted broadband advisor.”

Through its data-centric marketing strategy, Dakota Central has generated impressive results, including:

  • Doubling revenue for Managed Wi-Fi services from 2016 to 2017

  • Achieving a 41 percent “take rate” for new Managed Wi-Fi offers

Dakota Central has also realized new process efficiencies by improving workflows with CMC. The marketing team has data at their fingertips to generate a list of subscribers who are having a poor experience and address them through proactive outbound campaigns. In addition, the Social Channel Heatmap built into CMC has helped Dakota Central deliver campaigns at the optimal time across the right mix of social platforms. The data and insights provided by CMC have allowed Dakota Central to improve their segmentation across all marketing channels and reduce overall campaign costs.

“Today, every marketer is looking for ways to infuse behavioral analytics into campaign planning and execution. That is exactly what we are delivering through Calix Marketing Cloud,” said Matt Collins, chief marketing officer at Calix. “Valuable data is flowing through every CSP’s network, yet very few are utilizing this data to optimize their marketing campaigns. CMC unlocks the power of this data and delivers real-time insights into the hands of marketing teams. Intuitive dashboards can instantly generate subscriber segmentation lists, eliminating the arduous steps and long delays that are a common feature of many enterprise analytics processes. We are thrilled to help Dakota Central turn distributed behavioral insights into deeper-subscriber relationships, superior subscriber experiences, and entirely new revenue streams.”


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