DASAN Networks Partners with TDF in France

  • TDF (Telediffusion de France SAS)
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and MONTROUGE, FRANCE — DASAN and its Korean partners have entered into a long-term strategic partnership with TDF (Telediffusion de France SAS) for the digital coverage of French territories for five years. DASAN Networks will provide TDF with equipment for the deployment of its optical fiber infrastructure (FTTH). TDF will deploy, operate and sell to customers of more than 700,000 FTTH ports in sparsely populated areas of France.

During the first period of this partnership, DASAN will focus on the performance of the services provided, especially on the quality and optimization of logistics.

As TDF is a partner of French telecom operators such as Orange, Bouygues Telecom, Free as well as all television channels, like TNT, Digital Terrestrial Television, DASAN wishes to take advantage of this agreement to develop its reputation in France.


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