Daybreak, Utah Residents Get 1 Gigabit Connections

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DAYBREAK, UT — Daybreak was one of the first communities of its kind to receive fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) Internet service back in 2005 in an agreement with Qwest (now CenturyLink) to provide bulk service to the community at a competitive rate. Community residents will soon see their basic speeds upgraded to a 40 Mbps download speed and a 20 Mbps upload speed at no additional cost. Additionally, Daybreak will be one of the first communities in Utah to offer CenturyLink’s new 1 Gbps connection.

The way Daybreak residents use the Internet in their home continues to evolve — many residents manage a home business or work remotely, landlines are disappearing and VoIP services and video conferencing applications are more common. Let’s not forget about using your home Wi-Fi to connect with smartphones, tablets and other devices, not to mention the bevy of video streaming services such as Netflix now available at reasonable rates—in short, we realize that Daybreak residents are connected more than ever and depend on reliable internet in the home and require more band width.

Resident Feedback Spurred Faster Speeds
“Daybreak is always looking forward in providing new and advanced technology options for our community,” said Ty McCutcheon, vice president Daybreak. “We are excited that CenturyLink is now offering 1 gigabit fiber service to our community. This allows our residents to enjoy all of the benefits of fast Internet and helps us to continue to fulfill our vision to always be a vibrant and cutting-edge community. Based upon resident feedback in a recent Community Action Survey, the Daybreak Homeowners Association created a committee (consisting of Daybreak residents) to work closely with CenturyLink to address the need of faster Internet speeds in the community. The result was the higher speeds now being offered."

Residents need take no action to receive the upgrade. The upgrade from 12 Mbps to 40 Mbps is a perk of being a Daybreak resident. All Daybreak residents who currently have a FTTH connection will be upgraded. Over the next 90 days upgrades will be handled remotely by CenturyLink. Daybreak residents who want additional speed are eligible to upgrade their Internet speed to 100 Mbps or 1 Gbps for an additional fee.


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