Dayton, Ohio, Seeks Partner to Help Commercialize Fiber Network

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DAYTON, OHIO - The city of Dayton, Ohio, issued a request for proposals for a private partner to help it leverage its fiber network.

The city owns about 78 route miles of fiber, as well as an Internet point of presence. Much of the fiber is used for various city purposes, but a significant amount of unused fiber is available. The city hopes to use this fiber for additional municipal functions and to make connections available to local businesses, anchor institutions and Internet service providers. The private partner would light and market the fiber, optionally extend the fiber routes and share revenues with the city.

Dayton is one of several cities trying to make better use of fiber assets they originally acquired for specialized purposes such as traffic management. For example, San Leandro, Calif., is working with a local tech company to extend its fiber to the business community; Longmont., Colo., recently held a referendum to approve further use of its fiber network and is now surveying residents to determine which services to offer; and Seattle plans to lease its excess fiber to private Internet service providers.

Dayton's request for proposals is available here.


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