DC74 Gives Access to Gigabit Internet with a Hackathon

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CHARLOTTE, NC — Most of Charlotte is patiently waiting for gigabit Internet via Google Fiber and the other Internet providers. However, data center provider and Fast50 contender — DC74 — has decided to let citizens play with it a little early. The data center provider already provides gigabit Internet to its data centers. DC74 is creating a hackathon called GigHacks that will allow developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives the opportunity to utilize their gigabit internet. The intent is to provide entrepreneurs full Gigabit connectivity so they can begin building the next generation of Gigabit apps. For entrepreneurs, this is a possible advantage to test out ideas before Google Fiber becomes available.

The event is free to everyone and will be on May 1 to 3. It will be located at DC74’s Gigabit Studio. Rules will be announced in coming weeks. To join the hackathon participants must email gighacks@dc74.com with name, the company representing or individual team name, one paragraph description of the project idea, and number of people on the team.

Gighacks is a testing ground for the faster Internet that is coming.


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