De Soto, KS Partners with RG FIBER to Launch 10 Gig Internet

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DE SOTO, KS — RG Fiber and the City of De Soto announce the launch of 10 gigabit internet service. While many cities in the greater Kansas City area were among the first in the nation to get 1 gig internet, De Soto will stand alone with a 10 gig offering.

Public-Private Partnership Supports Economic Growth
This public-private partnership is the culmination of the work of the City’s Broadband Committee, which was formed in 2016 to advance an effort to increase access to high speed data services throughout the community. The City had become increasingly concerned that the state of existing data infrastructure lagged significantly behind the rest of the region, and had become a significant impediment to economic growth and viability. In April 2018, the City released an RFP for a city-wide gigabit network. RG Fiber was one of three companies that submitted proposals. RG Fiber’s proposal highlighted the company’s innovative software-driven technology combined with their experience improving small town quality of life and economic vitality with fiber-based internet. On October 18, 2018, the City Council approved an agreement with RG Fiber. Now, RG Fiber is announcing the launch of 10 gig internet throughout the City of De Soto.

A month before the city released the RFP, RG Fiber was quietly installing the latest version of their innovative technology, ‘µNode v3’ (pronounced “micro-node vee three”) in De Soto. µNode v3 looks like any other standard utility cabinet on the side of the road, except it enables RG Fiber to offer up to 10 gig internet service via their proprietary software-driven solution.

Catching Up and Getting Ahead
“This partnership is a model to follow for other small town communities that want to launch fiber internet with industry-leading reliability, speed, and affordability. Over the past 3 years, we’ve seen the direct impact that fiber internet has on quality of life and economic vitality in our first small town community, Baldwin City,” says Mike Bosch, Founder/CEO of RG Fiber. “RG’s proposal stood out for a number of reasons. Their genuine commitment to bettering the communities they serve was evident in their offer of free data and phone services to City facilities, free public Wi-Fi at our parks and community center, and openness to competition from other providers.” said Mike Brungardt, De Soto City Administrator. “Perhaps most importantly, the 10 gig service provided by RG will not only allow De Soto to catch up from the past 15 years, but get ahead for the next 15 years,” added Brungardt.

About RG Fiber: Founded in 2014, RG Fiber has reimagined how world-class internet could be designed, built, and operated specifically for the millions of us who choose to live, work, and play in underserved small town communities throughout America. RG Fiber’s software-driven technology manages the company's 100+ mile fiber network providing industry-leading reliability, speed, and affordability. Our mission is to end the digital divide and restore America's digital infrastructure leadership.


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