DFT Chooses Calix AXOS E3-2 for Rural Communities in Western NY

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PETALUMA, CA — DFT Communications, a local exchange carrier (LEC), is upgrading and expanding its broadband service area with the Calix AXOS E3-2 Intelligent PON Node. With funding from the New York Broadband Grant Program Phase II, DFT Communications is building an additional 145 miles of fiber to reach several rural communities beyond its traditional service territory. By relying on the AXOS E3-2, which is perfectly designed for this type of greenfield expansion, DFT has been able to accelerate its GPON deployment timetable and bring much improved broadband speeds to subscribers who have historically been underserved. In addition, the combination of Calix Support Cloud and the Calix GigaFamily, allows their subscribers to enjoy an unmatched broadband experience through proactive remote management and Carrier Class Wi-Fi services.

“Over our 120 years in business in Western New York, our focus has always been on satisfying the needs of our communities, and this project with the New York Broadband Grant Program allows us to deliver on that promise," said DFT Communications president and COO Mark R. Maytum. “We believe that the residents and businesses located in these rural areas not only deserve the same level of broadband service as what is available in urban environments, but it is crucial to the economic vitality of our area. Once again, we are partnering with Calix to expand the reach of our network, and we are looking forward to delighting these new subscribers with the increased automation and variety of broadband services the AXOS E3-2 can provide.”

New York Broadband Grant Program Award
DFT Communications was awarded $4.274 million under the New York Broadband Grant Program Phase II. The $5.343 million overall project, which includes DFT Communications’ $1.068 million private investment, will bring fiber-based broadband services, with up to 1 Gbps speeds, to approximately 973 homes and businesses and will pass another 1287 homes and businesses in the towns of Arkwright, Charlotte, Pomfret, Sheridan, Stockton, and a section of the City of Dunkirk.

AXOS Always On
In each of these towns, the Calix AXOS E3-2 will serve as the primary vehicle for broadband service delivery. By utilizing the pole-mounting capabilities of the AXOS E3-2, DFT Communications has eliminated the need for cabinets, saving both time and money as it builds out this new network infrastructure. In addition, with the AXOS Always on and remote diagnostic capabilities DFT can significantly reduce the need for truck rolls to these remote locations while ensuring a high-quality subscriber experience. The AXOS E3-2 also lays the foundation for DFT Communications to upgrade to next generation fiber technologies like NG-PON2 in the future.


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