DISH and Independa Partner to Deliver Senior Services Via TV

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SAN DIEGO, CA — DISH and Independa, a global leader in remote engagement technologies, announced that DISH's voice remote is now compatible with the Independa AnyTV Companion. When the Independa system is connected to a television installed with DISH's Wally receiver, users can easily control both their TV entertainment and Independa services with DISH's voice remote.
Together they are transforming the way people interact with entertainment and healthcare services, whether at home or in senior living communities.

Independa AnyTV Companion
Launched in 2016, the Independa AnyTV Companion is a candy bar-sized set-back box that turns any TV with an HDMI connection into a bi-directional engagement platform for residential homes and organizations focused on senior living, home care, behavioral health and addiction recovery.

DISH-Independa Technology Solutions
With Independa's technology, users can schedule appointments, receive medication reminders, engage with others via video chat and messaging, and stay up-to-date on community information, like dining menus and event calendars, directly on their television. The platform is also compatible with health sensors and devices, like blood pressure monitors and scales, providing organizations and loved ones with a holistic view of the Independa user.

TV as a Service
"Television is the main source of entertainment and news for many older Americans," said Alistair Chatwin, vice president of DISH Business. "By combining the Independa system with our technology, we're turning the TV into a solution that delivers services to help provide a better quality of life, as well as operational efficiencies for organizations in senior care."

"Parks Associates research reports 29 percent of seniors age 65 and older find it appealing to have a video consultation with a doctor directly through their TV," said Elizabeth Parks, senior vice president at Parks Associates. "TV-enabled video solutions allow access to in-home care experiences for seniors who want to stay independent in their homes."

Voice Remote Navigation
DISH's voice remote interprets natural language to control navigation, search and content selection on Wally. It also features motion-activated backlighting and two custom buttons: one to launch the Independa system and the other to signal professionals and loved ones for support.

"Independa and DISH are delivering an industry first, where a second remote is not needed for the operation of the Independa system," said Kian Saneii, founder and CEO of Independa. "Simplicity and ease of use are key factors here, and DISH customers can now enjoy all the benefits of an Independa system right on their TVs, without the need for a computer, tablet or smartphone. No passwords, no software updates – nothing new to learn."

For more information, visit DISH's senior living page.


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