BlueportiQ Deploys VAULT to DISH Fiber Multifamily Properties

DISH will be able to accelerate on board Wi-Fi customers onto their service.

  • DISH Network

Walpole, Mass.– BlueportiQ, a wireless cloud-software manufacturer, today announced the deployment of VAULTTM ( across DISH Fiber multifamily locations. VAULT enables property owners to offer secure, seamless, and unlimited onboarding.

The solution includes a new Wi-Fi Management Portal where residents easily manage devices, passwords, guests and more.

BlueportiQ VAULT is an innovative, cloud-based software solution that enables a better way of authenticating for consumers on IP-based networks. Key advantages include seamless automatic authentication and connection, higher security, scalability, no use of certificates and customized user experience. VAULT enables seamless roaming across networks while facilitating cost savings for the operator.

“Together with DISH, we have created the most secure and convenient managed Wi-Fi network for multifamily,” said BlueportiQ CTO Ed Neipris. “Residents benefit with move-in ready Wi-Fi using a unique password that they create. The network follows the resident across the property and beyond for a fully secure connection.”

Simplified Wi-Fi Roaming

VAULT takes the user experience outside of the home to any public Wi-Fi network. Every time a user arrives to a familiar network, theirdevice is automatically connected, secured and identified. VAULT learns the location of where the device is connected, manages the network policies for that user, and accounts for all traffic until the device leaves the network. This unique connection occurs automatically without user intervention.

“DISH Fiber’s goal is to break down the walls of the roaming experience, which is why we partnered with BlueportiQ,” said Josh Rowe, Director of Product Management for DISH Business. “VAULT enables us to go beyond the boundaries of a property, delivering a seamless connection that is important to multifamily residents.” VAULT makes use of existing technology and does not require unique device onboarding or specialized Wi-Fi infrastructure compliance. To find out more, visit


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