Draka Launches 300-Pound Drop Cable With Bend-Insensitive Fiber

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Claremont, NC – Answering the market's need for environmentally friendly network components, Draka Communications – Americas announced an extension to its line of ezPREP Central Loose Tube fiber optic drop cables: a 300-lb. tensile-rated design with a choice of three levels of bend-insensitive fiber.

Greg Williams, director of marketing for Draka Communications - Americas, says, “Smaller and lighter cables will allow for more fiber capacity inside of existing splice closures, cabinets and pedestals, and the potential is also there for hardware products to become smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.”

Draka’s 300-lb. drop cable is available from 1 to 12 fibers, gel or dry tube. It is round, armored and bendable in any direction, and it contains a single tube. The product is suitable for aerial, duct or direct-buried applications. In 2005 Draka was the first manufacturer to make bend-insensitive fiber standard in all drop cables. Now all three bend-insensitive fiber options are available, including BendBright, BendBright-XS, and BendBright-Elite. This product complies with GR-20 and RUS standards, and is available with indoor- or outdoor-style connectors and with HLC Scratchguard technology.

The HLC Scratchguard process, developed by Megladon and used by Draka, enhances the quality and durability of drop cables. Using a patented thermal process, the connector end face is hardened, producing a tempered fiber mating surface capable of resisting scratches, repeated plug-ins and other stresses.


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