DrayTek Introduces Vigor2860n Combo WAN Router

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HSINCHU, TAIWAN - DrayTek's new Vigor2860n Combo WAN Router offers greater FTTx connectivity for ISPs that operate in MDUs. The Vigor2860n provides multi WAN ports, ADSL2+/VDSL2/Gb Ethernet and 3G/4G LTE USB configurable WAN to allow simultaneous convergent tenant connections, especially for FTTx-MDU, mobile broadband operators involved in rural broadband deployments. Its fail over and load balance over different WANs with in-depth bandwidth management are ideal for broadband connectivity of SMBs.

The Vigor2860 provides robust Firewall/CSM and IP/URL/Web Content Filter. Its built-in VPN profiles support industry standard protocols, VLAN for multi-subnet and license-free traffic analyzer all help IT managers intensify the entire connection network over the cloud. More advanced features include IPv6 support, multi-task USB application and the TR-069 auto-configuration system for central management.

Giga Ethernet-Fed Interface for WAN/LAN
Most MDU fiber deployments have actually been fiber to the building (FTTB/C). However, VoIP, video-driven bandwidth demands, and the higher value of fiber-connected homes have driven interest in running fiber to each MDU unit (FTT-MDU).

When the big pipe is deployed near the household, every unit can access 100 Mbps locally, most from a Gigabit-speed Ethernet-fed switch or VDSL2 switch (up to 100 Mbps) connection. The Vigor2860n's second Gigabit Ethernet-fed port can be configured as the primary WAN port to connect such super fast tenant lines. Vigor2860 is equipped with 6x Gigabit LAN ports, enough to cover high traffic needs of modern unified communication applications, such as CRM servers, FTP server and mail server.

Multi WAN, Fail Over and Load Balance
The Vigor2860n is a combo WAN router with built-in VDSL2/ADSL2+ modem, Gigabit Ethernet-fed WAN
for FTTx/cable and satellite connection and two USB ports for 3G/4G mobile broadband access. The Vigor2860n's WAN fail over allows the second WAN to back up to the primary one. Also its load balance functionality helps the IT manager to set up different connections between the enterprise office and the outbound application server through multi tenants. By doing so, the business may utilize cloud-based applications (CRM, ERP, Email, FTP, etc.) through the specified connection path.

Object-based Firewall/CSM
Like all DrayTek routers, the Vigor2860 supports object-based SPI firewall and CSM (content security
management). The firewall allows setting of call/data filters and DoS/DDoS prevention, whereas the CSM
covers IM/P2P/Protocol filter, URL content filter and web content filter. With objects settings allow for predefining objects or groups for IP, service type, keyword, file extension, etc., and mixing these with the time scheduler or the VLAN groups as required.

VPN, Linking Multiple Endpoints Among Remote offices, Home/Mobile Staffs and HQ for BYOD
The Vigor2860n owns 32 built-in VPN tunnels, each can be setup and work with industry standard protocols, with hardware encryption of AES/DES/3DES. Tele-workers can be authenticated directly with a LDAP server if preferred during a remote access. The Vigor2860n can operate SSL VPNs in either proxy or full tunnel mode and allows up to 16 simultaneous incoming users. Also, its IPSec NAT-Traversal (NAT-T) helps IT managers handle with the requirements of most businesses for secure inter-office and remote data accessing. Last but not least is VPN trunking (load balance) allows the creation of tunnels through multiple WAN connections to a remote site to handle multi-task server's connection or to increase bandwidth. VPN trunking also provides fail over (backup) of a VPN route down a secondary WAN connection.


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