Dura-Line Expands Global Footprint into Western Canada

New location allows company to tap into Greater Edmonton’s skilled labor force.

  • Dura-Line

BOSTON--Orbia’s Connectivity Solutions business, Dura-Line, are investing heavily in a new manufacturing facility in St. Albert, Alberta, a suburb of Edmonton.

“Not only will this strategic location enable us to meet strong demand in the region, but it allows us to take advantage of the highly skilled labor force in Greater Edmonton,” said Dale Wilson, Dura-Line’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the US and Canada. Wilson continued, “Our manufacturing facilities in Ontario, Utah, and Nevada have been doing a phenomenal job in meeting the growing demands of our Western Canada customers, but we felt it was time for Dura-Line to put down roots in Edmonton to serve these customers even better.”

Dura-Line has already begun construction on the 150,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility in St. Albert and has plans to hire as many as 90 full-time employees over the next 9 months – with the goal to be fully operational by spring of 2023.

“In a world where so many people are dependent on reliable internet connections to communicate with their families, do their jobs, and even receive quality healthcare, it’s exciting to know Dura-Line is helping to create secure, reliable pathways that connect us all,” said Paul Sartori, Dura-Line’s Sales Director for Canada. He continued, “Everyone deserves to have a reliable internet connection – regardless of their socioeconomic status. So, investing in Western Canada not only makes good business sense, we simply think it’s the right thing to do.”


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