East Hartford, Conn., Enters into Broadband Agreement with SiFi Networks

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EAST HARTFORD, CT — The Town of East Hartford has entered into a development agreement with SiFi Networks to install a high-speed fiber-optic network to all corners of East Hartford. Funded entirely by SiFi, this project will be the first network of its kind in New England, and will provide high speed broadband internet to all East Hartford residents and businesses through their internet service providers.

“We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with SiFi Networks to bring ultra-high speed internet access to all parts of East Hartford,” said Mayor Marcia A. Leclerc. “In an increasingly networked world, good internet access is crucial for business growth, and research is showing that it is also very important for our residents as well. Educational, health, and quality of life outcomes are all affected by access to high speed internet.”

Scott Bradshaw, president at SiFi networks commented, “We are excited to begin work with East Hartford and eager to start our due diligence process enabling us to take the project to the next phase. This will involve completing the network design while conducting a scientifically based analysis of demand for fiber internet by residents and businesses in East Hartford as well as understanding the Town’s own requirements.”

The fiber-optic network installed by SiFi will enable speeds of up to 20 times faster than currently available internet. SiFi will install the network along town streets at no cost to the taxpayer and market Fiber Optic internet service to existing ISPs in East Hartford. This will allow both business and residential customers to take advantage of greatly increased connection speeds, aiding economic development efforts and construction of networked smart infrastructure.


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