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PETACH TIKVAH, ISRAEL -- The new 1Net fiber access solution from ECI Telecom is designed to help service providers evolve or build their access networks with an integrated OLT (I-OLT) platform that supports any service mix over any FTTx architecture. The platform supports GPON, active Ethernet and full traffic aggregation capabilities. ECI says the I-OLT is already deployed by a number of operators, including Openreach, part of the BT Group.

The I-OLT platform offers a single solution for residential, business and wireless backhaul applications, with flexible slot assignments. Customers can add high-density interface cards to meet their evolving access needs, matching costs to revenues. In addition, the platform's open-access features make it easy for operators to wholesale services to multiple service providers.

The robust, future-proof design adheres to current and future GPON standards, and the hardened solution for remote cabinets meets the most stringent demands for FTTC and FTTH deployments.

The I-OLT’s multiservice and aggregation capabilities minimize the number of nodes and elements required in the network, leveraging existing copper islands for any FTTx deployment. With full backward compatibility, the I-OLT is operationally compatible with all ECI’s 1Net Hi-FOCuS access solutions. The Hi-FOCuS family offers a unified management system for both copper and fiber deployments, allowing for local or remote provisioning, configuration and control, thus reducing complexities and operational costs.

Says Benoît Felten of the Yankee Group, “Every telco out there knows that if they want to stay in the wireline business, they need to shift from copper to fiber. But that won't happen overnight, even if they are committed. So they're facing the prospect of operating a network built with different coexisting access architectures. In order to operate that shift without increasing their operating costs, they need versatile access and aggregation platforms that will allow them to implement different choices in their access networks fast and efficiently.”


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