ECI Telecom Solution Supports Open-Access GPON

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Broadband World Forum Europe  - Until recently, deployers building open-access FTTH networks could use only active Ethernet technology, which supports multiple service providers on the same network with relative ease. However, in most cases active networks are more expensive to build and maintain than passive optical networks.  A new GPON solution from ECI Telecom allows easy unbundling, permitting providers and municipalities to build less-expensive passive networks and still open them to all market players. The company says it has major customers already signed for this solution.

Advantages for carriers include:

  • The ability to open the FTTx access network, when and if business or regulatory requirements mandate it, without incurring additional costs or increasing network complexity

  • Support for multiple  telecom providers through the same fiber loop

  • The ability to monetize the bandwidth needs of each customer

  • Seamless evolution for carriers already using ECI's Hi-FOCuS platform.


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