eero Reports More Than 75 Percent Year-over-Year Growth in ISP Customer Networks 

eero for Service Providers growth follows new integrations with leading ISPs TalkTalk, MasMovil, and Mediacom, among others.

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SEATTLE—eero, an Amazon company, saw more than 75 percent year-over-year growth in eero networks activated with ISPs, including new engagements for eero for Service Providers with REV within the Cable Bahamas Group of Companies, OXIO in Canada, Eye Networks in the Nordics, Adamo and MasMovil in Spain, TalkTalk and Utility Warehouse in the United Kingdom, and UScellular and Mediacom in the United States.

“Our engagement with eero is helping to make next generation home wifi a reality for TalkTalk customers,” said Jonathan Kini, Managing Director of TalkTalk Direct Business and Consumer. “The combined benefits of game-changing Wi-Fi 6 routers from eero with our 100 percent full fiber proposition gives our customers the enhanced speed, reliability and wifi coverage they need to make the most of their internet connection. Together with eero we’re proud to be at the forefront of making the UK’s leading fiber and wifi technology available to busy households across the country.”

eero for Service Providers also now offers eero’s award-winning eero 6 and eero Pro 6 mesh wifi systems, along with the advanced online security tools offered by eero Secure. eero for Service Providers also introduced key advancements to eero Insight, a management solution that provides ISPs with fleet and network visibility for proactive, efficient troubleshooting, and actionable insights to significantly reduce time spent resolving wifi issues. eero Insight includes:

  • Fleet analytics such as network outage detection to visualize online and offline networks across ISPs’ fleets for timely and effective troubleshooting.
  • Network analysisto proactively monitor and view historic performance at the network level for speed test history, usage, outages, and online security.
  • Advanced APIs and insight exchangeto integrate eero Insight into existing ISP software through APIs to enhance network management for reboots, topology, outage information and more.
  • Security capabilities like IP range restrictions for access, read-only roles, and much more.

“This year has seen strong progress in our mission to deliver fast, reliable, and secure wifi to our customers. Through our ISP relationships, we’ve improved the customer experience and supported high-performing wifi for more customers around the globe,” said Mark Sieglock, GM of Software Services at eero. “Our ISP business now accounts for one third of eero’s overall business, driven by the addition of multiple service providers globally in Europe, LATAM, and APAC. We look forward to our continued delivery of solutions for ISPs to meet the evolving needs of their customers.”

With additional feature releases planned for later this year, eero expects continued growth of eero for Service Providers through the end of 2021.



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