Elauwit Deploys Optical LAN To Keep Up with College Bandwidth Needs

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NAPERVILLE, IL - Elauwit, a leading campus housing service provider, is deploying Tellabs' Optical LAN to deliver RF video and ultra-high-speed Internet to college students in eight student housing projects across eight states.

"College students expect great broadband data service, particularly in student housing. Tellabs' Optical LAN enables us to deliver the bandwidth students need today and tomorrow, simplify our LAN deployments and lower overall LAN costs," said Taylor Jones, CTO at Elauwit. "Tellabs Optical LAN, coupled with CORE Telecom's complementary solutions, provides Elauwit much better value for money, compared with conventional, copper-based LANs."

College Students Challenge Local Area Networks with their Demands
Because college students use many different devices to stream HD video and data, their bandwidth demands pose a major challenge for LANs. A recent study by Pew Internet found that more than nine out of 10 college students are using broadband data services. More than eight out of 10 students rely on multiple devices, connecting via cell phones, laptops and iPods.

"To help college students succeed, ultra-high-speed data services are key. But traditional copper-based LANs can't keep up with growth in students' bandwidth demands," said Tom Ruvarac, Tellabs director-product management. "That's why Tellabs provides a future-proof Optical LAN solution that can easily scale up to handle traffic needs for decades to come."

Tellabs Optical LAN is purpose-built for high-capacity, high-performance LANs such as student housing networks. It simplifies the underlying network infrastructure and operations, getting the LAN's job done with fewer network elements by using passive optical networking technology. Tellabs Optical LAN can save up to 70 percent of the total cost of ownership, 80 percent of power requirements and 90 percent of space needs, compared with a copper-based LAN.

System Integrator CORE Telecom Orchestrates Optical LAN Deployments
To ensure smooth deployments for Elauwit, trusted Tellabs partner, CORE Telecom Systems, coordinated all support and logistics for the Optical LANs. CORE's expertise with complementary solutions, from fiber cable and connection to video and power, proved to be invaluable in providing Elauwit with an end to end network solution.

"Our Elauwit deployments highlight the value that CORE Telecom adds to each LAN we deploy," said Lyle Frank, national sales director at CORE Telecom. "By enabling video and Wi-Fi services through Tellabs' Optical LAN, we helped Elauwit to reach its goal of meeting the college students' increasing network demands today and well into the future."


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