Emerson Introduces SmartMod Concrete Universal Enclosure (CUE) for Telecom Sites

  • Emerson Network Power
WARRENVILLE, IL — Emerson Network Power, a global provider of provider of critical infrastructure for information and communications technology systems, announced the availability of SmartMod Concrete Universal Enclosure (CUE), a modular solution that provides environmental protection for electronics in the access network. SmartMod CUE is available now in North America.

The first of Emerson’s SmartMod integrated solutions designed specifically for telecommunications applications, SmartMod CUE provides critical infrastructure for the middle and last mile, and offers security, environmental and electrical protection. Unique features include a hydrophobic filter that provides free-cooling, multiple options for standard thermal management, and cross-connect boxes for fiber and copper cables on the outside of the enclosure.

Scalable, Modular Infrastructure for the Telecom Space
“The SmartMod CUE provides an integrated, easily scalable, modular infrastructure for the telecom space,” said Steve McKinney, VP/GM product management and modular systems for the power management business of Emerson Network Power. “It protects critical access electronics from environmental hazards and vandalism and provides a robust, integrated infrastructure in a compact, low-profile design. The new solution replaces the Emerson NetXtend CUE product, and offers enhancements to allow a customized solution, but with faster deployment and the convenience of a standardized offering.”

Deployed partially below ground, the SmartMod CUE provides superior weather resistance to severe wind and rain storms that can damage above-ground telecom facilities, reducing the potential for service interruptions and the associated increased capital and operating expenditures for service and repairs.

The SmartMod CUE is less than 108 square feet and does not require special building permits for installation in most municipal regions. Noise reduction kits are available to meet municipal noise restrictions.


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