Emtelle Adds FS:Detect to its Fispy Microduct Connection System

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HAWICK, SCOTLAND — Emtelle, a provider of blown fiber and ducted network solutions for the telecoms industry, has added FS:Detect to its product range to create an integrated kit designed to pinpoint damage and deliver error-free microduct selection in fiber networks, significantly reducing costly repairs and installation time.

Developed by New Zealand-based FiComms, the FiSpy kit consists of two complementary hand tools. FS:Select, also known as FiSpy, can be used to accurately identify the damaged microduct, eliminating the risk of incorrect selection and cutting of ducts which may have live services in them. This ensures disruption and damage is kept to a minimum, while allowing repairs to be easily carried out and new fiber to be installed.

Operators can then use the FS:Detect, which uses a blowable, traceable wire, that can be blown up to 500m, to detect damage to ducts or microducts within a tube bundle or microduct fiber environment. The cable is designed to stop when it hits any damage or impingement, which can then be traced using a standard CAT scanner and generator to pinpoint the exact area of damage.

Minimizing Project Costs, Installation Time and Service Disruption
“The addition of FS:Detect to our range creates a complete kit which should cover all potential microduct connectivity issues, with the operation expense saving being so great that FiSpy will have paid for itself after just three uses when you take multiple civil engineers‘ activities into account,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, European sales director at Emtelle. “As the original blown fiber manufacturer, with 25 years of experience and expertise in blown fiber tubing, we are committed to minimizing project costs, installation time and disruption to services - and that is exactly what the FiSpy kit enables.”

The combination of the FS:Select and the FS:Detect into one integrated kit can enable the detection of microducts with no individual color identification, guaranteeing an error-free selection of faulty or failed fiber installations.

The newly developed kit can be supplied in up to 1,000m lengths and has a minimum bend radius of 21mm, making it agile enough for any field deployment scenario. While maintaining a compact, handheld portable design to ensure high-user friendliness and easy transportation.


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