Emtelle Launches Flexible Burial Solution to Ease FTTx Installations


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HAWICK, SCOTLAND – Emtelle, a global manufacturer of blown fiber, cabling and ducted network solutions has announced it has launched a brand-new flexible direct burial solution — FibreFlow WEBFLEX, designed to simplify branching of microducts when rolling-out fibre-to-the-x (FTTx) networks.


FibreFlow WEBFLEX is a flexible and easily accessible direct burial tube bundle, designed for installation using conventional and microtrenching technology. Consisting of 12 microducts joined together in a branch formation, the solution’s unique design makes it easy to strip and branch the desired microduct with minimal disruption or risk of damage to the remaining microducts.


Eliminating the Need for Connectors
This eliminates the need for connectors which are typically required during branching, whilst enabling fast and easy sheath stripping, reducing the number of failure points throughout the network. Emtelle’s FibreFlow WEBFLEX also reduces the amount of waste compared to other ‘break and branch connector solutions’, as no extra drop ducts are required, meaning installers can utilize much more of the tubes within the bundle.


FibreFlow WEBFLEX can be laid in an open trench and installed into a micro trench using an Emtelle Vertex product for maximum microduct capacity in a trench or by combining the solution with Emtelle’s Multifu system – where fibers are pre-installed – during the installation, tubes can be broken and branched, or they can be branched in the future by pulling the fiber  back.




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