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TORONTO, CANADA – Despite the fact that it is trying to divest itself of its systems division, Enablence Technologies followed up last week's announcement of a new ONT series (customer-premises equipment) with this week's announcement of a new GPON OLT (central-office equipment for fiber to the home). The LI-OLT8 GPON module supports the company's BroadAccess Multi-Service Access Platform, enabling cost-effective delivery of ultra-high-bandwidth services such as HDTV. It can support up to 512 ONTs from a single module, or up to 4,608 total subscribers from a single BroadAccess platform, with a full 2.5 Gbps capacity in each port.

As a multiservice platform, BroadAccess allows providers to deliver GPON services from the same chassis used to support ADSL2+, VDSL2, Gigabit Ethernet, POTS and other legacy copper-based services. This gives providers a wide choice of migration strategies as they transform their legacy networks. Coupled with the G4000-Series ONTs, the LI-OLT8 GPON module allows service providers to provide secure, high-bandwidth services, scaling from single residential buildings to multiple-dwelling units and small and medium-sized businesses.

Features included in the new module include:

- High density and capacity, with 8 GPON OLT ports and 512 ONTs per card
- Standards compliance with ITU-T G.984
- Line rate of 2.5 Gbps downstream and 1.25 Gbps upstream
- Built-in encapsulation, QoS and security, including 4k Port-ID per port, flexible port-ID mapping, dynamic and static T-CONT, upstream/downstream prioritization and AES encryption
- 1550 nm video overlay and/or IPTV
- Hardened for remote terminal applications.


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