EnGenius Introduces New Wireless-N Access Points and Bridges

  • EnGenius Technologies
COSTA MESA, CA – EnGenius Technologies, Inc., a provider of long-range wireless voice and data solutions for homes and businesses, announced the launch of its new family of high-performance, weatherproof, long-range outdoor Wireless-N access points and point-to-point bridges.

The new EnGenius ENS access points (ENS200EXT, ENS202EXT and ENS500EXT) are simple to set up and activate and are ideal for providing reliable, fast wireless network access in dense environments such as in small businesses, restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. The access points enable users to expand Wi-Fi connectivity beyond the confines of the building to employees or guests who want to access the host’s Internet connection from patios or large common areas.

The versatile ENS bridges (ENS200, ENS202 and ENS500) enable companies or schools to expand the reach of their existing networks to other nearby buildings on their campus. Each bridge features two Fast Ethernet ports, one for a Power-over-Ethernet connection to the company network and a non-PoE port for supporting a connection to a client device such as an IP surveillance camera. A pair of ENS bridges, one configured in access point mode and the other in client bridge mode, is also a very cost-effective way to provide wireless connectivity to digital signage.

Fast Speeds over Long Distances
Housed in sleek IP65-rated weatherproof housings, all of the new ENS Wireless-N solutions combine either internal or external high-gain antennas with up to 400mW high transmit power output to deliver fast speeds over longer distances. Each ENS product includes an EnGenius PoE injector so it can be powered over Ethernet cable back to a compatible non-PoE network switch.

To ensure the security of network assets while providing wireless network access to visitors and employees, all ENS access points broadcast up to four SSIDs and feature SSID-to-VLAN binding to permit different levels of access to network-connected devices and resources. In addition, the ENS products incorporate a robust security feature set including: WPA/WPA2 Personal and Enterprise encryption, 802.1X RADIUS authentication, hidden SSID, and MAC address filtering.


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