ETA Announces Inside Plant Certification for Fiber Optics Technicians

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GREENCASTLE, IN — ETA International’s new Fiber Optics Technician – Inside Plant (FOT-ISP) certification is ideal for technicians working in data centers, local area networks and enterprise networks. This accredited certification addresses the technical knowledge and skill requirements for today’s fiber optics technicians.

“With today’s trends to higher speed networks using fiber optics, the need to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to install, test and maintain these systems is critical as provided by ETA’s FOT-ISP certification,” said Larry Johnson, Founder, Light Brigade.

FOT-ISP Requirements
An FOT-ISP must be able to properly install, terminate, test and troubleshoot fiber optic communication systems used in premises, enterprise and data center installations. Included are various techniques applicable to gigabit multimode and single-mode systems consisting of unique test requirements in Ethernet and Fiber Channel, but also applicable to FTTx, security systems and CATV networks.

As many inside plant installations use multimode fiber, the FOT-ISP technician must recognize the various types - IEC defined OM2, 3, 4 and 5 multimode and OS2 single-mode fibers along with the various proper launch conditions used when testing fiber spans as defined by the TIA 568 standard. Technicians must also comprehend various fiber optic cable and connector types used in these networks, using best practices for installing, testing fiber links.

FOT-ISP technician Skill Sets
An FOT-ISP technician has the knowledge and skills required for proper installation, preparing optical loss budgets, splicing, repairing, terminating, connecting, testing and troubleshooting of multimode and single-mode fiber optic links. Additional knowledge and skills include identifying the roles of attenuation, dispersion and reflection by optical loss testing of transmission equipment along with an understanding of OTDRs including acceptance testing and troubleshooting fiber optic elements and spans. The FOT-ISP should have a basic understanding of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and all safety conditions specific to the inside plant and campus applications.

There are no prerequisites, but prior networking and fiber optic knowledge and skills are suggested. While multimode fiber optics installations are the bulk of the knowledge and skills, single-mode fiber and networking integration will be addressed in inside plant applications.

Based on current industry standards, the ETA International FOT-ISP certification competencies, skills testing and knowledge examination were developed by affiliated industry training providers, subject matter experts, educators and working fiber optics technicians.


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