ETI Offers In-Home Detection Solution for Providers

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ATLANTA, GA — ETI Software Solutions announced in-home detection for home-based authentication, protecting valuable network content to create a secure and seamless user experience. Available on both the MOBITV CONNECT and TiVo technologies platforms, in-home detection is part of ETI’s Vision360 OSS family.

“Finding the balance between customers’ appetite for content anywhere, any time and on any device with content rights and network operators can be tricky,” commented Frank Gine, CEO of ETI Software. “Working together with vendors such as MOBITV and TiVo to provide a safe and simple model for location verification gives both the subscriber and the provider what they want,” he said.

Off-the-Shelf Detection Solution
The challenge of in-home detection lies in the massive number of network variants that can deliver services. “Every network type requires a different process for location identification,” said Greg Gross, senior product director at ETI Software. “In fact, two customers can have identical network technologies but require separate processes due to configuration,” he said. “Our mission is to create an off-the-shelf solution for a custom need.”

“This is something that Dalton Utilities and OptiLink (Dalton, GA), our joint customer, has requested in order to meet the demands of network contracts as well as the needs of subscribers,” said Bill Routt, president and COO, MOBITV. “We worked with ETI on a successful deployment that we’re confident can benefit current and future customers.”


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