ETI Software Now Supports Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform

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ATLANTA, GA — ETI Software Solutions announced it now supports the VoIP and unified communications software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution from Alianza, a cloud voice platform company. This integration is available to all ETI Software Solutions customers wanting to offer advanced voice services.

“ETI’s Vision360 OSS simplifies the digital transformation process by easily integrating to cloud-based technologies such as Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform,” said Frank Gine, CEO, ETI Software. “It allows providers to launch, activate and bill new services such as VoIP in the cloud without large-scale disruptions.”

Cloud Voice Platform
Alianza’s Cloud Voice Platform is a comprehensive voice solution that consolidates all VoIP elements in a simplified, virtualized software environment. Purpose-built for service providers, it brings together web-scale technology and SaaS-based elastic business models to power high-margin residential and business VoIP services.

“Teaming up with Alianza facilitates migration from a hosted softswitch model to a cloud solution,” said Mike Riddle, COO, ETI Software. “The result is a streamlined, agile environment that brings advanced telecommunication services to subscribers.”

Operational Simplification
“Operational simplification is a prime focus for Alianza,” commented Kevin Dundon, executive vice president of sales and marketing. “Our integration with ETI Software automates key customer management processes leading to a lower total cost of ownership and an accelerated, smoother onboarding process for subscribers.”

Already deployed at a leading cable broadband provider in the northeastern U.S, the combined solution gives customers a comprehensive service orchestration solution and a next generation voice platform. “It simplifies operations, reduces costs and sets the stage for continued subscriber growth,” said Gine. “As broadband providers move to IP cloud-based services like Alianza, ETI Software will continue to make that transition a smooth one.”


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