EZ-Bend 3.0 Ruggedized Assembly Eases FTTX Installations

  • OFS
NORCROSS, GA - OFS, provider of optical fiber and cable, has introduced the EZ-Bend 3.0 Ruggedized Assembly, a 3 mm optical drop solution designed to withstand stapling while exhibiting negligible bend loss to help save time and money on installation. The innovative design can conquer sharp corners without the need for bend management or special staples and is ideal for MDU and in-home wiring applications where space is at a premium.

Compared to traditional 4.8 mm ruggedized solutions, the EZ-Bend 3.0 Ruggedized Assembly requires 60 percent less volume for routing and slack management to ease the use of labor-saving plug and play assemblies. It can reduce part numbers and inventory by 50 percent by replacing both 4.8 mm ruggedized and conventional 3 mm drop assemblies with a single solution.

The EZ-Bend 3.0 Ruggedized solution enables both optical and mechanical reliability with additional strength elements and the superior tight bending performance of OFS EZ-Bend ultra-bend insensitive fiber. It is available in black and white, and each color is both riser rated and rated for Indoor/Outdoor use. The solution is available with factory-tuned termination on one or both ends with SC-APC connectors.

The EZ-Bend 3.0 Ruggedized drop solution is part of the OFS FOX Solution, a comprehensive solution that helps service providers achieve maximum return on investment for Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (FTTX) deployment in a broad range of environments, including those previously hard to reach.


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