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FAIRLAWN, OH — FairlawnGig announced the results of its online customer satisfaction study among its residential customer base in April. FairlawnGig is a municipal broadband utility founded by the City of Fairlawn to bring fiber-optic, gigabit-speed broadband to every home in the Fairlawn Community. The online survey results reveal overall satisfaction with FairlawnGig at an astoundingly high number of 94% with more than 3 out of 4 (77%) saying they are “very satisfied.”

Additionally, FairlawnGig 94% of residential customers rated the service they receive from FairlawnGig as “excellent” or “very good.”

“When we first set out to bring better internet service to our community, we thought we could find a partner to help with installations and support,” explains Ernie Staten, deputy director of public service at City of Fairlawn, Ohio. “What we learned was, it was more beneficial to bring everything in-house and become an ISP allowing us to provide our customers with on-site training using their equipment. It was important that we honor our installation commitments and provide local customer service personnel and after-hours technical support. Our customer service revolves around our building a strong and diverse network to our residents and businesses. We have the extremely high customer satisfaction scores to prove it.”

Customer Loyalty Score: 80

FairlawnGig’s Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges customer loyalty, is an amazingly high of 80. This puts FairlawnGig solidly in the top quartile of organizational scores, where most ISPs fall in the bottom quartile. NPS measures whether a customer would recommend FairlawnGig to a friend or family member. Results of this single question classify 85% of FairlawnGig’s customers in the proactive “promoter” category.

When examining how subscribing to FairlawnGig changed behaviors, the activities most on the rise in homes were streaming video and television, working from home (even in a non-stay-at-home world), and video conferencing.

Finally, Fairlawn’s leadership recognized the lack of adequate internet service in the area when investing in the essential fiber infrastructure needed to attract and retain residents and businesses. This strategy appears to have paid dividends as 48% of those surveyed say that FairlawnGig is either “extremely” or “very important” to locating to or remaining in Fairlawn.

FairlawnGig’s online customer satisfaction study was completed the week of April 20, 2020 by 583 customers which yields an accuracy of +/- 4%.




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